Is this what you were expecting........?
    You'd be disapointed because theres  not very much of that at all, but
IBIZA has a lot more to offer than just sun, sex and sand.  Unfortunately
due to some sensationalist tabloid style TV coverage a couple of years back,
Ibiza has suffered from an undeserved reputation. Sure, if you look in the gutter
long enough, you'll eventually find something to be 'shocked' at, but that's not representative of Ibiza at all, its just one tiny part of it. Open your eyes and your
mind and have a look at what the rest of this beautiful island has to offer.......
The guardhouse-entrance to the fortified old town.
Above:  View north from Cala Bassa.
Below: The Cathedral and fortress walls by night..
Unbeatable water clarity !                                                                                                      
Ibiza old town
from the   fishermens wharf.
Quite a frequent sight!
Dolphins right outside our base at Port des Torrent
A bay near the dive site "Torre Rovira"
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The  sunset is a show in itself!
Cala Olivera,
our shore dive
option on the
othe side of the
...and from the boat !
Cracks and Arches up the coast.
Margaritas islands. Outstanding
cave dive that goes from the tiny island on the left, all the way under  the main island on the right.